Reel Tackle Box?


Reel Tackle Box is hands down the best fishing subscription box on the market.  No frills, No gimmicks, no knock off lures or clearance baits.  Since everyone’s end goal here is to catch fish we want to give you as many top quality baits as possible to do so.  No fancy packaging, no wrapping paper, no bumper stickers and no how to videos.  Would you rather have two extra baits in your box or a five minute how to video from a guy on a $100K boat that is getting paid to make a lure look awesome?  For one low monthly fee, Reel Tackle Box will ship a box jam-packed full of new lures and baits on the 10th of every month!   


 We strive to give you the biggest bang for your buck every single month and we work hard to not send crap you don’t want or need. If our team hasn’t caught fish with it you won’t see it in our box.  We always welcome your feedback on what you would like to see in an upcoming box.  That goes for what you don’t want to see either.  We are also always looking to add anglers to our team of expert anglers.  Please email support@reeltacklebox.com if you are interested.


How Much Does It Cost?


Reel Tackle Box comes in a variety of options.  You can cancel any time, no questions asked. Most anglers like yourself, probably spend over $50 per month on fishing gear, so Reel Tackle Box hooks you up with new quality lures and tackle at a fraction of the price.


When Does My Box Ship?


 You’re the luckiest angler on the 10th of the month. That’s when your box ships from our fulfillment center and the fun begins! US customers should receive their order within 7 business days. Canadian customers, please allow up to 2.5 weeks for delivery. Example: Sign up in the month of January and your 1st box will ship February 10th... and so on.



Our cutoff date for making the current month's shipment is the last day of the previous month. For example, if you subscribe on March 31, your first box will be shipped on April 10th.  If you subscribed on April 1, then your first box will be shipped May 10.


When Will I Be Billed Every Month?


If you are subscribed to a monthly plan, then your order will renew automatically every month on the same day you signed-up. So you will be charged the same day you signed up every month.  For example, if you subscribed to a monthly membership on Jan 10th, then your next charge will be Feb 10th; if you subscribed to a 3-month subscription on Jan 10th, your next charge will be April 10th at the end of your 3 month term and so on... All non-gift subscriptions will automatically-renew until you cancel.


How Do I Feature My Products In A Reel Tackle Box?


Please contact support@reeltacklebox.com